French company selling medical and bio-medical devices. We distribute our products to hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, health centers…etc. We address the hospital, analysis and diagnostic markets (private and hospital medical biology), research and pharmaceutical industry but also individuals.

We support our clients in their investments in healthcare equipment and devices, advising them and providing them with the best possible solutions in terms of Biomedical Equip- ment.

We have nearly 10 years of experience in shipping and import-export on a global scale, with an excellent knowledge of the local and Chinese market. We are the interface be- tween you and our suppliers so that our offer is adapted to your own quality approach- es.

Finally, we invest in a WMS (Warehouse Management System) in order to offer you an optimal logistic service. We offer a systematic and complete quality control of the pro- duction of materials, including legal documentation, conformity control, site supervision and 24/7 shipment control.

We are committed to delivering the products you have purchased as quickly as possible while monitoring your order until it is shipped.

This brochure is only dedicated to the biomedical field. For more references on PPE and anti-COVID 19 material